Betting Rules and Regulations in the State of Illinois

Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized gambling activities (casino games, sports betting and fantasy sports) at the federal level, the state of Illinois was one of the very first states to swiftly embrace online gambling. When the state embraced online gambling, it passed the Sports Wagering Act (230 ILCS). This act is available online on the Illinois General Assembly website. In simple, we can say that the Sports Wagering Act is the legal instrument that guides every facet of Illinois’ sports betting market. The provisions outlined in the Act guide both the operators as the punters.

The Sports Wagering Act (230 ILCS) is quite long and comes with technical legal jargon. Some punters may therefore find it unfriendly. To make life easier for punters, we have gone through the Act and below, we share all the main provisions of the Act.

For the Punters/Players

  1. The first thing that players need to note is that they can only register accounts at legal Illinois Sportsbooks and start placing their wagers if they are at least 21 years old
  2. Unlike most states, Illinois does not have in-state residency requirements. This, therefore, means its possible for punters to register their sportsbook accounts even when physically located in a different state. However, players can only place their bets on the sportsbook apps or websites when they are within state lines
  3. Players can only place bets on sports events. This, therefore, means other forms of betting such as novelty betting are prohibited. Novelty betting entails placing bets on stuff such as politics or entertainment events for instance picking probable Oscar or Grammy winners
  4. When betting at retail sportsbooks in person, players can place bets on in-state college teams. However, when betting online, its not possible for players to bet on in-state college teams
  5. All folks who are employed by a sports league are prohibited from placing bets on that sport
  6. All folks who are on a self-exclusion list aren’t permitted to place bets at any of the sportsbooks authorised in Illinois.

For the Operators

  1. All bets placed in advance of any game or match go live as soon as the events starts. If the game or match doesn’t finish as is expected, all bets are declared void and refunded
  2. Operators only keep bets open after a game or match has been delayed or postponed if there is a guarantee that it will commence within 48 hours. Otherwise, the operator must void the bets and refund players
  3. Odds and lines change up until the game or match starts. However, the player’s bet is locked in at the posted numbers (odds and lines) at the time of placement
  4. Operators void and refund all player props futures bet placed on players who suffer a season-ending injury
  5. If the sportsbook displays odds in error, it can void all wagers placed for the particular odds
  6. Each sportsbook must display its terms and conditions for each bet type. The responsibility of reading lies with the player (this, therefore, means players who lose funds or encounter a discomfort owing to ignorance of not reading the fine print ‘terms and conditions’ are responsible for their own ignorance).