Sports Betting Bonuses Illinois Sportsbooks

Sports betting is legal in the state of Illinois. This largely thanks to the landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court which lifted the blanket ban on sports betting activities in the US. After the landmark ruling, the state government of Illinois took things further by legalising sports betting at a state level. With the sports betting market open, several sportsbooks have expressed interest to set up shop in the state. Some have been lucky enough in their adventures and they are already offering their services. To entice new players and appease regular punters, sportsbooks operating in Illinois do offer several bonuses and promo perks. In this article, we are going to highlight the bonuses offered by Illinois sportsbooks – sportsbook by sportsbook.

DraftKings Illinois

At DraftKings Illinois, all new players get to benefit from two welcome bonuses. The first welcome bonus is a no deposit free bet of $50. Essentially, this means punters are afforded the chance to start placing bets even when they haven’t made a deposit yet. Upon making the first deposit, players will proceed to benefit from a 20% match bonus of up to $1,000.

For the regular punters at the sportsbook, they get to benefit from different bonus and promotional perks. Some of the currently running promos include the Daily Odds Boost where players are able to place wagers on sports events with boosted odds. There is also the ‘No Goals, No Problem’ promo that will see players get their wagers back when the soccer event they bet on finishes in a nil-all draw. There is also the Parlay Insurance awarded when only one leg misses from a parlay ticket. The Refer a Friend promo is also running.

FanDuel Illinois

As soon as new punters successfully complete the registration process at FanDuel Illinois, they are eligible to claim the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus comes in the form of a $1,000 risk free bet. What this promo essentially means is that if the first wager placed by the player fails to return a payout, it is returned back in full and can be used to place a new wager one more time!

FanDuel Illinois does not just offer promo perks to its new punters only. Even the regular punters at the sportsbook also get to benefit from a whole host of promotions. Most of the promotions for the regular punters however do come with start and end dates hence it’s important for punters to regularly check the Promotions page to see the currently running promos. Though this is the case, we just want to point out the fact that the majority of the promotions available come in the form of free bets, odds boosts and insurance parlays.

BetRivers Illinois

When players successfully complete the account registration process at BetRivers Illinois and proceed to make their first deposit, they are immediately eligible to claim the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus comes in the form of a 100% match up bonus of up to $250-. Essentially, what this first deposit bonus means is that when the player makes a first deposit of $250, the sportsbook will match the deposit and award another $250. This therefore means that players will have $500 to wager with! For the regular punters, there are many other promotions they can benefit from. These however do come with start and end dates meaning punters will have to visit the BetRivers Promotions page to see the current promotions.

Pointsbet Illinois

One of the biggest attributes when it comes to Pointsbet Illinois is the fact that this sportsbook offers up to $2,000 in welcome bonuses. This welcome package is divided into two parts. First, there is a $500 risk free bet for fixed odds bet. Second, there is a $1,500 risk free bet for points betting wager. What these risk-free bets mean is that if the first bet placed by the punter loses, the punter is given a second chance to place another bet using the same funds.

The bonuses and promo perks offered at Pointsbet Illinois aren’t just for the newly registered punters. In addition to these, the sportsbook also offers some regular promotions for the regular players. The promotions for the regular players however do come with start and end dates. As such, it’s imperative that punters search for the currently running promos on the Promotions page frequently.

BetMGM Illinois

The welcome bonus offer at BetMGM Illinois comes in the form of a $1,000 risk free bet. What this risk-free bet entails is that once players lose the first bet, they place, they are presented with another option to use the very same bet (amount) to place a second bet. Essentially, this means the same bet amount can be used to place two bets. BetMGM Illinois currently does not offer a Rewards Program. However, players at the platform can benefit from a whole host of promo perks. These do come with their own start and end dates meaning players will have to check the site for the currently running promos.

Barstool Sportsbook Illinois

Barstool Sportsbook Illinois does offer a two-part welcome bonus package. The first part comes in the form of a $10 no deposit bonus offer. Simply put, what this means is that after the player completes the account registration process, a free $10 is instantly credited into the player’s account. The second part of the welcome bonus comes in the form of a $500 risk free bet. What the risk-free bet offer entails is that if the first bet placed by the punter at the sportsbook loses, the sportsbook will return back the bet in full thus making it possible for the punter to use it once more to place another bet.

Barstool Sportsbook Illinois does not just cater to the newly registered punters when it comes to its bonus and promotional perks. Even the regular punters have something to smile about. This necessitated by the presence of a wide variety of promo perks catering to regular players. The majority of these however do come with start and end dates. As such, this means punters have to check the Barstool Sportsbook Promotions page regularly to catch up with all the currently running promos.

Caesars Sportsbook Illinois

There is a $1,001 first deposit match welcome bonus offer offered at Caesars Sportsbook Illinois. To claim this bonus offer, players must first complete their registration process and proceed to make the first deposit. At the same time, players can only claim the bonus if they are above the age of 21. When players claim this bonus, the sportsbook will match whatever the amount is deposited by the player. This is to mean that if the player makes a first deposit of $1,000, the sportsbook will match it and award an additional $1,000. This therefore brings the total amount in the player’s account to $2,000! Apart from the welcome bonus, Caesars Sportsbook also offers other regular promotions for its regular players. Most of these do come with start and end dates but there is one constant that is, the Caesars Rewards Program. Plyers are invited to the Rewards Program based on their deposit and wagering history. Once players enter the Rewards Program, they are set for life as they will receive limitless promo perks on a rolling basis.

Round Up

The above info clearly showcases that all players in Illinois stand to benefit immensely when they settle at Illinois sportsbooks. This necessitated by the fact that all sportsbooks in the state do offer one form of bonus or the other. The guarantee that is there therefore is that whenever you decide to settle and start your betting adventure, there is a bonus for you to take advantage of.